Women demand reimbursement for hotel housing 200 Afghan refugees


  • The Grand Hotel Scarborough is temporarily hosting around 200 Afghan refugees, through Teesside Live.
  • Customers have left negative reviews online, claiming “unchecked refugee children” are allowed to “run wild.”
  • 2 women had their reimbursement request refused, but insist that they are “in no way racist” for not wanting to stay there.

Two women who demanded reimbursement for their three-night £ 338 ($ 460) stay at a UK hotel because it housed Afghan refugees said they were “by no means” racist.

The anonymous woman said the couple contacted their vacation operator National Holidays to try and change their trip location to the Grand Hotel in the resort town of Scarborough after reading negative reviews of Afghan evacuees staying at the hotel.

“Our concern is safety and leaving things in our room because of what we read about the theft and the kids going wild,” said one of the women. “We’re not racist in any way. I’ve worked with refugees, and it’s not their fault. It’s just the situation they find themselves in,” one of them told the media. local. Teesside Live.

The Grand Hotel is currently used to house around 200 Afghan refugees as a result of the the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban in August, according to Teesside Live. Recent reviews on Tripadvisor show that guests are complaining that “unchecked refugee children” are allowed to “riot” in hotel hallways.

A TripAdvisor review for the Grand Hotel in Scarborough

A recent TripAdvisor review of the Grand Hotel in Scarborough shows a guest complaining of “unchecked refugee children”.


The women’s claim for reimbursement was reportedly rejected by National Holidays, which reportedly said the woman “would not get a dime” of her money because the reservation had a no-cancellation policy, The sun noted.

A spokesperson for National Holidays said Echo of the North that refunds would not be provided as the venue continues to “operate normally”.

A spokesperson said: “We appreciate our clients sharing their concerns with us and understand that news cycles during tough times can cause increased worry and confusion.

“However, please rest assured that we are in constant contact with the hotel, which has been operating normally and welcoming National Holiday guests for many years.”

Insider reached out to Britannia Hotels, owner of the Grand Hotel in Scarborough, for comment, but did not immediately respond.

The decision to house refugees prompted residents to post anti-immigration leaflets around the hotel, Yorkshire Live reported. On Monday, local media reported that there had been a bomb hoax at the facility.

Local councilor David Chance told Yorkshire Live that the bomb hoax, anti-refugee leaflets and negative TripAdvisor reviews are a “racially motivated way to undermine what’s being done” with temporary housing for Afghans.

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