Where was Windfall filmed? Discover Netflix filming locations

Coming in at 91 minutes with a neat trio of cast members to tell the tale, Bargain sounds like the perfect thriller to facilitate gripping Friday night viewing with plenty of surprises in store.

We explore the sunny locations where Hitchcock’s thriller was filmed and reveal the establishment that brought the vacation home to life.

Directed by Charlie McDowell with a script by Andrew Kevin Walker and Justin Lader, Bargain stars Jason Segel, Lily Collins and Jesse Plemons and uncovers a wealthy couple’s discovery that their vacation home is being robbed.

Bargain | official trailer

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Bargain | official trailer






Bargain Shooting Schedule

Bargain began filming in the spring of 2021 and wrapped very soon after in March of the same year.

Principal photography would have been a crucial step in setting the tone for the thriller, as one of the Bargain selling points is its cinematography by the director of photography Isiah Donté Lee.

Bargain then entered a year of post-production – no doubt affected by the pandemic – and premiered on Netflix on March 18, 2022.

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Where was Windfall filmed?

Bargain was primarily filmed in and around the US state of California, with Ventura County’s small retreat, Ojai, used throughout filming.

Located approximately 80 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Ojai is featured in Bargain opening scenes, featuring the stunning Topatopa Mountains in the background.

Part of Ojai’s beautiful landscape is the Los Padres National Forest, which surrounds the retreat, adding to the film’s vacation aesthetic.

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Casa Ojai Hostel

Adhering to Netflix’s home invasion theme, the majority of the film takes place in the vacation home, but this establishment is not what it seems in real life.

Reported by TheCinemaholicthe vacation home at Bargain is actually the three-star Casa Ojai Inn, located near downtown Ojai and Soule Park Golf Course.

Lorraine Lim Catering is said to have taken care of the production catering during filming and tourists interested in visiting Ojai will be happy to know about the Retreat Music Festival which takes place during the summer.

Picture from Netflix.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Windfall is now streaming on Netflix.

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