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While Penang beach hotels are reporting a healthy resumption of operations due to the relaxation of interstate travel restrictions, state city hotels are seeing less of an impact.

These hotels cater to the business community and eagerly await standard operating procedures that will enable them to organize conferences and gatherings.

One such hotel, the Courtyard by Marriott Penang, opened in September of last year and has guidelines for holding events in the near future.

“Our main benefit comes from venues and professional events. If a lot of people attend a particular event, we get a good number of rooms booked, ”said General Manager Subash Basrur.

A hotel employee cleans the pool.

He said the hotel has managed to stay afloat by keeping operations running smoothly and now looks forward to developing its full potential.

“We kept in touch with corporate clients by providing them with meal support and vouchers.

“Once events can resume, they will return,” he said, adding that other planned events included wedding dinners.

For now, the 199-room establishment at Jalan Macalister aims to maintain a constant occupancy rate of 50%.

Subash says that once events can resume, corporate clients at the hotel will return.Subash says that once events can resume, corporate clients at the hotel will return.

“We expect many people to come back for a vacation in Penang.

“In view of the responses, we are optimistic and aim for an occupancy rate of at least 50%.

“We recorded an approximately 80% higher catch rate for the meals of those who remain,” Subash said.

While conceding that the corporate hotel segment lacks popularity in Penang compared to beach resorts, Subash said hotels like his cater to tourists looking to visit the city’s attractions.

“People come to see the attractions of the heritage enclave.

A social distancing notice is set up at the hotel's gym.A social distancing notice is set up at the hotel’s gym.

“We used to do good business on weekdays due to the nature of our clients’ visits to Penang,” he said.

Various promotions are in place to entice families to stay at the hotel such as 50% discounts on the second night.

With all 57 hotel staff fully vaccinated, the hotel is recruiting more staff to reach its full lineup of 89 employees as the business grows.

“We have opened 100 rooms and will open more as bookings increase.

“Although large business events are not yet permitted, we are now making it easier to organize virtual meetings and provide space for small group discussions,” Subash said.

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