The Sokha hotel starts work on the Bokor-National Route 4 link

Sokha Hotel Group has started work on a 127km road that will connect its multi-million dollar development in Bokor town, Kampot province to the dual carriageway National Highway 4.

The development, which covers 300 km² in Bokor National Park west of Kampot city, has already invested between $400 million and $500 million in infrastructure including hotels, casinos and hiking trails.

Sok Kong, the chairman of the Sokha Hotel Group, told the Post last week that after receiving government approval to lease land at the Sokha Hotel for development until August 31, 2109, his company ” worked hard” to develop Bokor City into a multi-attraction entertainment. destination, and is considering investments, particularly for its many planned accommodation sites.

But he pointed the finger at the road project, linking the development to the main artery, in particular as having a still uncertain timetable and subject to available funding. “Currently, more than 8 km of the road has been cleared, but it is not yet known when it will be finished. It depends on the capital the company has,” he said.

He added, “This road will facilitate travel and national economic growth for the people of the region, especially for those who wish to visit the city of Bokor, as they will be able to take the national road 4. Currently, they can only go than in the town of Bokor. by national road 3.

Kong said the large size and construction time of the project meant more funding may be needed beyond its estimated capital of $10 billion to $20 billion to keep it on schedule. The company announced its intention to open the project to investment from local and foreign investors – as well as the authorities – to “help the project achieve the objectives set out in its master plan”.

He appealed to investors for more financial assistance, touting the project’s potential to contribute to an increase in Cambodia’s economic growth. “We are building this new city to boost national economic development, but the huge cost [overruns] have meant that the initial capital investment is not enough, so we urge the government and the private sector to continue to support it so that the company is able to expand its investment even faster,” he said. -he declares.

Pov Vantha, chief engineer of the road project, conceded that the construction has been plagued with problems as the plans require crossing a number of mountains and large rocks, and will require a lot of time and funding to complete.

Emerging from the Bokor City Development Project, the road will be split into two directions: one to National Highway 4 – through oil palm plantations belonging to the Mong Rithy Group – and another to Pich Nil Hill ( Yeay Mao).

“This new road is very important as it will facilitate the movement of people from National Road 4 to Bokor town and improve the livelihoods and general economy of the region,” he said, echoing the views of Kong.

Beyond the sprawling road project, Sokha Hotel also plans to build a reservoir that can hold up to one million cubic meters of water. It also invests in infrastructure projects and other residential buildings in the region.

Marketing Director of Sokha Real Estate Company, Sir Chanra, said he was also investing in three gated communities close to Borey: ‘Amret Thansur’, covering an area of ​​over 80ha, ‘Emerald Paradise’, in an area of 88 ha, and “Crown Real Estate”. ‘, covering 590ha.

The houses of the three projects have been purchased “almost 100%”, according to Chanra.

“Due to the favorable weather conditions in the region as well as its prime location, the project has attracted many overseas buyers, including from the United States, France, Singapore, China and Vietnam,” she said. declared.

Bokor National Park covers an area of ​​about 140,000 ha, but only 30,000 ha has been set aside by the authorities for development.

At some 1,075m above sea level, the mountain is famous for its lush natural forest and year-round cool weather, and enjoys spectacular views of the provincial capital of Kampot and its nearby beaches and islands.

The government issued a sub-decree on March 16 last year to establish Bokor city in the western part of the province, adjacent to the western boundary of Kampot city and consisting of three townships formerly in the district of Teuk Chhou – Prek Tnort, Koh Touch and Boeung. Touk from west to east.

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