The new Hard Rock Hotel in Madrid opens its doors


Madrid is in turmoil. And not because of the high temperatures but because there are no more openings in the city. Madrid are not sleeping in that sense, which is good news for everyone. Among these new openings is one of the most emblematic hotels in the world: the Hard Rock Hotel from Madrid.

“The Hard Rock Hotel Madrid is our first city hotel in Spain and that is why it has a completely different personality from our resorts from the beach. Our guests will be able to discover art, music, history, as well as the great gastronomic and cultural variety of the capital. All this, with the hospitality of Hard Rock, inspired by entertainment, ”he explained. Give it hipsh, Senior Vice President of the Hard Rock International Hotel. In addition to Madrid, Hard Rock has offices in Ibiza Yes Tenerife. Although they have little to do with it.

Restaurant sessions / Photo: @hrhmadrid

The hotel has 161 rooms and suites for those who want more luxury. It is a hotel for those who want to come for work but of course also for those who come to Madrid for leisure. And more in this hotel that screams music and fun from all four sides. “Difficult Rocky his music. Thus, guests will see a spectacular suspended guitar with sculpted architecture suspended above the amber sofas in the lobby, the heart of the hotel. Hotel. But it is also art. Thus, throughout the Hotel different works can be seen, among which stands out a life-size piece of ‘Las Meninas’ adorned with letters of Rosalia, inspired by the masterpiece of Diego Velasquez, located in the Prado Museum or a mural in the lobby bar, inspired by the movement of Moving in Madrid ”, they explain.

Hard Rock Hotel
Hard Rock Room

And why is there so much art? Perhaps because it is located in the heart of the Art Triangle, very close tol Thyssen Museum, Reina Sofía Museum and Prado National Museum. At the hotel we can enjoy an exhibition in which we can travel to the past of music. In this exhibition, more than 70 pieces by emblematic artists make them better known: from the jeans used by the legendary Elvis Presley in 1968, to the David Bowie boots or to a guitar by the great Antonio Vega or Pau Donés.

One of the corners of the terrace / Photo: @hrhmadrid
One of the corners of the terrace / Photo: @hrhmadrid

In addition to sleeping and enjoying it all, we can also taste its gastronomic offer, an almost indispensable requirement when staying in a large hotel in Madrid. Having a good restaurant is almost obligatory. At the Hard Rock Hotel we have Sessions, a restaurant that showcases Spanish cuisine with fusion touches. The interior design has the hallmark of the Rockwell Group.

And like all the hotels that open in Madrid, and more so in the center, the Hard Rock Hotel also has its own rooftop terrace. It’s called RT60, a space where you feel closer to paradise where you can have a drink with a good plate of ham. If we want something more private, indicate Green room, a space for 6 people with its own chef which will open in September.

Some Sessions dishes / Photo: @hrhmadrid
Some Sessions dishes / Photo: @hrhmadrid

Music, of course, has a great weight in the hotel: “The Hotel will offer a series of exclusive experiences and services Difficult Rocky Hotels, What The sound of your stay, which allows guests to enjoy curated playlists, listen to a personalized selection of vinyls in the bedroom, play a Fender electric guitar in the privacy of their room with headphones and an amplifier. And if we are customers, we can also go to their gym and swimming pool. All with the best music. Did we expect less from the Hard Rock Hotel?

Entrance hall
Entrance hall

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