“The Morning Show” Recap: Season 2, Episode 2 – “It’s Like The Flu”


Alex does it triumphant inevitable return to The morning show in this week The morning show, but there’s another comeback during the episode that interests me a lot more.

No, it’s not Mitch’s, although we find out where he lives and how he’s doing during the hour, which is titled “It’s Like The Flu”. Instead, I’m obsessed with returning Chip to UBA, which seems like it can only bring him upset stomach and heartburn, but welcomes it as if it were ‘a fragrant baby lovingly placed in her arms. Dude, you … you remember last season, right?

Read on for the highlights of the episode.

THE RETURN OF THE QUEEN | Cory is waiting for Bradley in the hotel lobby when she comes home. She’s still excited about losing the seat of the Evening News anchor, but he goes beyond that by announcing that Alex’s return to The morning show is almost a done deal. “Don’t worry, everything will work out,” he said. This news only pushes his past “livid” and into “apoplexic” territory; she tells him that she will not come to work in the morning.

Meanwhile, Alex, his assistant Isabella and his agent, Doug (Development stopped‘s Will Arnett) make a surprise visit to UBA headquarters to take a look at their new office. It’s a power play, and it works: She, Doug, Cory, and UBA President Stella end up having a meeting, sitting crisscrossed in applesauce on the sunny, unfurnished room floor. In an unexpected turn of events, Alex is presented – at least by the young employees of the network she meets during her visit – as a feminist heroine. While she might not be very comfortable with the label, the attention that comes with it seems Well.

Locked in her hotel room when she is “sick” and still not at work, Bradley calls Chip, who tells him that he is engaged and happy. She asks for advice about Alex, wonders what she really looks like.

The-Morning-Show-Recap-Season-2-Episode-2“I WILL NOT BE YOUR F-KING SIDEKICK” | Bradley also better beware of herself. Cybil, a UBA executive, calls Cory and asks him to fire Ms Jackson, who is in her third week of sick appeal. He says he will comply. But when he knocks on her door to remind her that she’s invited to a Morning show dinner he is organizing in his suite upstairs, she refuses to come. He tells her that Alex’s return will be good for her as well, but she’s not a receptive audience. “If you don’t do this for yourself, you are just f-king yourself,” he warns her. But she won’t budge, so he goes back to the party.

Shortly after, Alex made his grand entrance to the party. She walks around the room, hugging and kissing her former colleagues, but at least one of them doesn’t. Daniel hasn’t forgotten the role Alex played in failing to secure the co-host seat on The morning show, and he lets her know. Alex apologizes, but he doesn’t accept.

At the last possible second to play the way she had always planned, Bradley shows up. It’s all forced smiles and false cheerfulness as the meal unfolds. They all joke about COVID, although Daniel says a team member should cover the rapid spread of the disease in China. (Later in the hour, superiors agree… and Daniel gets the assignment.) Yanko calls Donald Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial a “sham,” which comes as a surprise to his colleagues.

But Bradley’s resentment for Alex simmers underneath it all, which erupts when the two women next make their way to the elevator. Bradley points out that when they made their big announcement about everything that was going on on the show, she was trying to get out of the network but Alex was trying to get Bradley fired. Go ahead, “I’m not gonna be your f-king sidekick,”

Bradley swears, “I’m going to be your equal.” At one point, Alex has had enough and starts yelling at the way Bradley should compete with her for stories and stature. She adds that they only worked together for a month, so “I didn’t owe you anything” when she left. “What about Chip?” Bradley shoots back, causing Alex to run out of steam as the elevator doors close between the two women.

THE INEVITABLE HAPPENS | What In regards to Chip? Alex hasn’t spoken to her, her producer for 15 years, since the day she left. But she shows up at his door the next day and asks him to come back to the show and be his producer. He considers the proposal for about 2 seconds. “When do I start?” he asks.

A VERY GOLDEN PARACHUTE | Remember how Hannah’s family sues the network? Cory just wants to “end it” by giving the family what they want, but it might not be that simple, because they want $ 119.2 million – which happens to be the exact value of the golden parachute that UBA paid former big boss Fred to leave.

The-Morning-Show-Recap-Season-2-Episode-2WHERE IS MITCH? | Speaking of guys we don’t like: Mitch lives in Lake Como, Italy. He’s alone in a giant villa with a dog, and he looks rather miserable. One day, an American confronts him in front of an ice cream shop in town, denouncing him loud and clear as well as his “authorized masculine behavior”. Then an Italian gets up and begins to defend Mitch – who, by the way, seems to wish the ground would swallow him and his ice cream. Afterwards, as Mitch tries to escape, the Italian Paola (played by Hot shots‘Valeria Golino) follows him and asks him to choose his brain over media-related stuff. He valiantly tries to get out of it, but she’s just strange enough to refuse to let him go before he gives in. Finally, he gives her his number, then runs away.

At the end of the hour, Fred shows up at Mitch’s Italian hideout.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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