The Melbourne Ardenlea Hotel in Shanklin was closed by the Isle of Wight Council with immediate effect due to the unsafe state of its public services.

Environmental health inspectors inspected the premises on Queens Road Thursday, July 1, and returned the next day to issue a ban, preventing the facility from using the gas supply to the hotel building.

An official Isle of Wight Council document says the decision was made because of the risk of serious injury with danger of fire, explosion, gas leaks and carbon monoxide. It would appear that the gas installation and appliances are not safe to use and must be isolated immediately.

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It is not just gas that is of concern, but a prohibition notice has also been issued regarding the hotel’s power supply. The Council considers that there is a risk of electrocution, electric shock or other serious bodily injury due to the potential degradation of fixed electrical systems due to the non-use or maintenance of the building for a period of time. of significant time.

The hotel’s electricity use test was signed on June 23 because the hotel management team did not perform reasonably possible maintenance to verify that the electrical appliances exposed to water infiltration and potential rodent damage remained safe for continued use.

A notice stuck to the front door tells guests that the hotel has been closed “due to unexpected maintenance,” but in reality the hotel has been legally forced to close to all members of the public. It is understood that the hotel has remained closed since October 2019.

Island Echo is said that the guests arrived only to find the premises locked and 2 prohibition notices visible on the front door. Customers are requested to contact their reservation agent for assistance.

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Online booking sites appear to be accepting stays for the Melbourne Ardenlea from July 15, but it’s not yet clear when the hotel will reopen. The hotel will not be able to reopen until the issues have been resolved and re-inspected by Council officials.

According to Companies House, Parker Hospitality Limited, the owners of the hotel, is currently behind on its accounts and confirmation statement. Island Echo tried to contact the company but to no avail.

The Isle of Wight Council has been approached for a statement.

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