Students help MPD get arrested at One Washington Circle – The GW Hatchet

Common Assault/Obscene Obscene Acts/Sex Offense

Mitchell Room (7-11)
02/18/22 – 11:22 p.m.
Case closed

A 7-Eleven staff member reported that a man unaffiliated with GW exposed himself by asking to use the bathroom. The staff member then said the man pushed him after he was refused entry to the bathroom and then left the store. GW Police Department officers were unable to identify the subject of the crime.

“No identifiable subject.

Illegal entry

JBKO room
02/19/22 – 02:36
Case closed

GWPD officers responded to reports that a woman unaffiliated with GW was sleeping in the lobby of JBKO Hall. They contacted the subject, which was crossed out and fired.

— Prohibited subject.

Simple assault, illegal entry

Various locations
02/19/22 – 10:46 p.m.
Case closed

A person unaffiliated with GW reported that a previously banned male subject assaulted him in the street after the subject walked out of 7-Eleven at Mitchell Hall. Shortly after the case was referred to the Metropolitan Police Department, the complainant decided not to press any further charges.

— Returned to MPD.

Phone harassing

02/22/22 – 01:31
An open file

A woman affiliated with GW said she received offensive text messages from her former boyfriend.

— Open case.

Illegal entry

Support building
02/22/22 – 08:48
Case closed

A male employee illegally entered the support building and acted “disorderly”. GWPD agents made contact with the subject, who was subsequently kicked off campus and terminated from his position at GW.

— Prohibited subject.

Vol II/From the Building

Gelman Library
02/22/22 – Unknown
An open file

A staff member at the Gelman Library reported that a studio light, stand and cable were stolen.

— Open case.

I/unforced burglary

A hotel in the circle of Washington
02/22/22 – 10:57 p.m.
Case closed

A group of students witnessed and called for MPD assistance after a man unaffiliated with GW illegally entered several rooms at the One Washington Circle Hotel, which currently serves as GW’s residence hall. Subject stole several personal effects from bedrooms. With the help of the students, MPD agents located and arrested the subject.

— Subject stopped.

Public drunkenness

University Student Center
02/23/22 – 14:04
Case closed

GWPD officers responded to a report of an intoxicated man not affiliated with GW causing a disturbance at the University Student Center. They contacted the subject, which was crossed out and dismissed.

– Prohibited subject.

– Compiled by Acacia Niyogi.

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