Samsung launches new hotel offers


At this year’s HITEC show at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Samsung Electronics America Inc. unveiled a number of innovations and content management solutions for its hotel partners.

“The return of travel and the prioritization of customer interaction has changed the hospitality industry and the way it traditionally provides products and services,” said Chris Mertens, vice president of sales, Samsung Electronics America Display Division. “The shift to digital platforms has intensified during the pandemic, so we have taken the time to reflect, research and collect market feedback on how best to meet evolving needs and improve performance. hotel experience by investing in customer-centric technology that takes advantage of today’s technologies. display and network infrastructure options.

Mark Quiroz, Vice President, Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics America Display Division, added, “Samsung’s hotel solutions portfolio demonstrates our understanding of how digital transformation can contribute to a great customer experience. These solutions, from our new hospitality televisions in guest rooms, to LED signage in the lobby and outside, to our new all-in-one secure kiosk solution, demonstrate Samsung’s ability to improve performance. customer experience while streamlining operations with a complete technology ecosystem.

New smart TV for the hotel industry

Samsung’s latest technology for customers is its new 4K QLED smart TV series. The Q60A and Q50A Hospitality TVs combine Samsung’s Quantum Dot processors with 4K resolution and Smart TV capabilities for optimal picture quality and sound. The series features Quantum HDR, which offers a wider range of brightness and high contrast, while its sleek, slim design simplifies mounting and installations, allowing seamless integration into any environment.

The Q60A is compatible with Samsung LYNK Cloud to facilitate device management, content management and business analytics for multiple sites and hotel chain properties. LYNK Cloud can also be used as a targeted marketing solution to generate additional revenue. LYNK Cloud monitors in-room media to deliver smart branded content through Samsung’s commercial-grade secure TVs, combined with advanced analytics to increase revenue and reduce costs.

Samsung Kiosk

The kiosk’s easy installation options, enhanced protective antimicrobial coating, and shatterproof film make it an ideal solution for the hospitality industry. Equipped with speaker, printer, scanner and a variety of payment options, including a cradle for major EMV terminals (Europay, MasterCard, Visa), this 24 inch. The touchscreen simplifies check-in / check-out, ordering and other engagements with its simple interface.

The display is powered by Samsung’s SoC (System on Chip) technology, eliminating the need for an external PC. The all-in-one functionality of the kiosk makes maintenance quick and easy, ensuring minimal downtime, lower operating costs for hotels, as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Electric vehicle charging station

Sales of electric vehicles (electric vehicles) are expected to grow rapidly, as well as the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. Samsung’s kiosk is designed to help customers provide top-notch charging service while adding a visual channel for guest services, membership programs, and third-party advertising.

The company presented its charging station solution for electric vehicles on its stand at HITEC with a BMW i8 hybrid sports car. The Charging Station shows how hotels can make a sophisticated impression, generate revenue and build brand loyalty throughout the guest journey while strengthening sustainability leadership.

The kiosk’s touchscreen can use user data and programmatic advertising technology for targeted advertising, as well as delivering hotel messages and service offerings, as well as community messages. With its MagicINFO 9 remote management feature, hotel management can easily manage content and improve efficiency by identifying issues in real time and taking action when a problem arises. The remote control capabilities allow the diagnosis of problems and the control of essential functions such as turning the screen on and off.


Samsung’s newest product in its outdoor LED display line is the XPR-B, a flexible all-in-one display solution designed for a variety of small and medium-sized hotel businesses. Dubbed the “LED in a Box,” the XPR-B comes with a simple web-based content management solution that enables hospitality IT managers to quickly deliver important information. Samsung’s outdoor displays are designed with how Properties today take advantage of fully integrated digital displays that stand alone and can be used in hot, cold, rain, snow and dust.

Large video walls are the latest trend in architecture and design for public spaces in the hospitality industry, which is why Samsung introduced The Wall. The wall features MicroLED technology which provides a visual experience with pure black, true colors and epic clarity. It is ideal for lobbies, VIP suites and conference rooms, as well as other areas of a hotel.

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