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Although the bones of this hotel are a historic building from 1835, there’s nothing about the London edition that feels old and tired. That includes the lively lobby scene, whether in the morning or late at night, and the young, international clientele that has made this Fitzrovia property a home away from home. Central London’s guest quarters are typically small, but the 173 rooms and suites are cozy and cabin-like, thanks to oak floors and wood-panelled walls. It’s like sleeping in a warm and welcoming 20th century ski lodge in a town not known for having snow. One of the most impressive things about this hotel, which opened in 2013, is the superb Berners Tavern. The high ceilings and masterfully restored decor remind you of the history of where you are, especially in the morning when you order your iced oat milk latte – they didn’t have any in 1935 – next door another 30-something business traveler on the latest iPad trying to catch up on work, five hours before the United States, before taking a quick stroll to have a look around Selfridge or Liberty before his co-workers don’t point.

The London Edition

The exterior of the London Edition

Of the day spoke to Walid Saighi, Sales and Marketing Director of London Edition, to find out more about this special property.

What are the most requested rooms at the property?

The deluxe king rooms and in summer, the suite with terrace.

What makes them so special?

The deluxe king rooms are quite reasonable in size and really reflect the DNA of the hotel and the Edition brand. A room with a terrace is always enchanting to enjoy the sights of London and a cocktail.

What is the nightly rate for these rooms?

From $803 for a deluxe king room; from $2,471 for a suite with a terrace

The London Edition penthouse bedroom

The London Edition penthouse bedroom

What is your favorite piece and why?

Our loft suites. They are truly unique in style, brand awareness, and layout.

What special benefit or convenience do you offer that no one knows about?

Durable wooden keys and unique British in-room amenities

What is your favorite design element on the property?

Ingo Maurer’s sphere in the Berners Tavern lobby and chandelier which is an exact replica of those hanging in Grand Central Station.

How about another fun fact about the property?

1810 Berners Street Hoax (the same street we’re on) was where comic writer Thoedore Hook bet his friend Samuel Beasley he could make any local building the most talked about address in London, so he ordered mass deliveries of produce to a house on Rue des Berners.

The London Publishing Hall

The London Publishing Hall

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