Renovations begin on hotel portion of Ojibwa Casino in Baraga

BARAGA, Mich. (WLUC) – It’s the dawn of a new day at the Ojibwa Casino Hotel in Baraga. From Tuesday, almost two years after the renovation of the casino part, it was the turn of the hotel, starting with the renovation of the 40 rooms of the two-storey building.

“These rooms will be brand new and ready to accommodate guests with an enhanced level of comfort,” said Ojibwa Marketing Manager Jim Orr. “So we’re very excited.”

TV6 could not enter a room under construction on Tuesday. But below is an example of what the new rooms could potentially look like.

The hotel-casino began on Tuesday what will be a months-long makeover for a multimillion-dollar hotel(WLUC)

“There will be new carpeting,” Orr explained. “There will be a new painting. There will be new furniture, new beds, new linens, gorgeous new bathrooms with walk-in showers. {It will be} a complete renovation of each of these rooms. »

The multi-million dollar project is divided into two phases. The first phase will involve 18 hotel rooms and the installation of an elevator in the stairwell near the east entrance. The second phase includes the other rooms, as well as the renovation of the conference rooms, the reception and the hotel lobby.

“Much of {the lobby} will be sealed off as we redo the entire lobby,” Orr said. “There will be signs telling people where to go.”

While everyone waits for the end result, Orr says the guests will benefit greatly.

“We do this so they can have a more comfortable and enjoyable hotel experience, and to stay with us when they’re done,” he said. “It’s going to be beautiful from top to bottom, and we can’t wait to invite everyone to stay with us.”

Orr says the hope is that the entire hotel construction project will be completed by the end of August.

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