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Omni Bedford Springs Resort today announced the completion of a $ 1.4 million renovation that features modern updates to the quintessential Americana property, including a new lobby bar, Tally sports store Ho, an Evitt House cafe, a refurbished fitness center and more.

The station, formerly called the “Summer White House” in the United States 15e President, James Buchanan, the newly renovated spaces at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort offer an elevated guest experience that blends modernity and tradition and delivers the same Bedford hospitality for which the property is known. The aim of the renovation was to refresh the spaces and create a meeting place and focal point in the lobby. The lobby bar, located on the grand staircase, is beautifully designed to reflect the history of the property and offers a menu that includes single-barrel bourbons and unique cocktails that guests can enjoy while taking in their comfortable surroundings.

Real estate renovations include the following:

Lobby bar:

The newly constructed lobby bar at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort is the focal point of the hotel. As guests enter the expansive lobby, they are greeted into a comfortable and welcoming space to meet and gather over Prohibition-inspired cocktails in the property’s traditional American setting. The bar is tucked under the grand staircase and is a cozy space that meets with cool tones of blues, warm creams, and dark wood hues reminiscent of the historic hotel.

Tally Ho Sports Store:

Tally Ho, the name of the horse-drawn carriage that originally brought people to Bedford, serves as an updated retail outlet and quintessential outdoor activity store. From hiking to fishing to yoga, Tally Ho Sports Shop has everything you need to plan your next adventure. Additionally, property guests can access a daily activity list and yoga studio from inside.

House of Evitt coffee:

The new on-site cafe, Evitt House Coffee, exudes wall-to-wall old Americana. The all-new cafe has expanded its offering to hotel guests and locals alike, with take-out options, ice cream and a selection of coffees and beverages, including STANCE Cafe. As a brand-wide coffee partnership found exclusively at Omni Hotels & Resorts nationwide, every cup of STANCE coffee is ethically sourced and tells a story, while allowing you to trace this origin back to the farmer who obtained it. The ambience of Evitt House Coffee pays homage to James Buchanan who frequented the Omni Bedford Springs Resort and dressed the property in the “Summer White House”. The American flags on the wall and all the artwork is from its time.

Reading corner :

The former café outlet has been transformed into a comfortable and inviting reading nook, and offers a well-lit space to sit, relax and indulge in a good book. The transition space leads guests into the indoor swimming pool and offers a little comforting space. If you haven’t brought your own reading, visit the on-site Bedford Market for a selection of today’s chart tops.

Fitness Center:

For fitness enthusiasts, the fitness center at Omni Bedford Springs Resort has also been renovated. The on-site gym has been moved to a larger, brighter space and has modern equipment including a Peloton and weight systems for a complete workout.

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