“POP INFINITY” exhibition presented at City of Dreams

By Therese Tu

The “POP INFINITY” art exhibition presented by Melco and WF Fashion brings together art products from leading international artists, including Keith Haring, Hikari Shimoda and Takeru Amano.

Keith Haring – known for his colorful work and iconic designs – is a popular artist who was part of the legendary New York art scene in the 1980s.

A series of Keith Haring’s limited collections of his recognizable anime style and designs are on display in the lobby of the Morpheus Hotel, including rugs and skateboards with Disney elements on them.

The famous artist, who died thirty years ago, hoped to make art accessible to everyone, and that’s why his art products presented at “POP infinity” are at a more affordable price, a staff member said. WF Fashion.

Meanwhile, a total of five 1.2m-tall Snow Angel Mickey sculptures – a symbol inspired by children’s innocence, sweetness and boundless imagination – were also unveiled at the exhibition.

Some 19 Snow Angel Mickey art products are featured at the exhibit, including the first-ever 70cm series.

This collaboration hopes to bring together art, culture and fashionable elements through Disney’s dynamic persona, making it a cross-border carrier for the art industry, according to a press release from Melco Resorts & Entertainment. .

The increase in non-gambling items may attract more tourists, a Melco public relations official said, adding that the Macau government also aims to develop more diverse local tourism.

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