Newly formalized partnership in the tourism sector bolsters Edmonton’s event attraction and marketing capabilities

The EDMH, formalized in 2013, is a non-profit tourism and hospitality association from Alberta capital which accounts for 80 percent of local hotels. He was an unsung hero in his time, quietly funding a number of initiatives in the visitor economy sector; more recently, the EDMH provided vital funding to partners who secured the FIFA World Cup qualifiers at Commonwealth Stadium. These two games provided on $30 million in economic impact for the city.

While travel and hotel stays are not looking to rebound until 2025, both the EDMH and from Edmonton Destination management and marketing organization, Explore Edmonton, has taken an important step by officially partnering with to make our city a premier four-season destination for leisure and business travellers. The collaborative approach will help identify new opportunities for the city and further enhance upcoming events in Edmonton.

“This is an important step forward in the recovery,” said Marcela Mandeville, Explore Edmonton board chair. “We are grateful to the leadership of Edmonton Destination Marketing Hotels Ltd. for their efforts in establishing this Memorandum of Understanding. There is a lot of work to be done to help the visitor economy recover, and this commitment to partnership will position Edmonton strongly as we rebuild.”

“This is the result of the exceptional collaboration between the EDMH Board of Directors and the Explore Edmonton management team,” said Barnie Yerxa, President of the EDMH. “Both organizations understand the benefits of both parties working and how this relationship benefits the entire city as we continue to market the city of Edmonton as a destination to host conferences, trade shows, sporting events and any other event that highlights our city.”

“Although we have worked together for several years, formalizing an agreement is a key step,” said the CEO of Explore Edmonton. Traci Bednard. “To explore Edmonton is a strong entity; in 2021, despite the impact of the pandemic, the arrival of sporting and cultural events in the city has created $69 million in economic impact. We were able to reach this number thanks to the support of the EDMH and now we can push even more in this critical time for the visitor economy.”

“This is a historic moment in the history of the EDMH,” said Pierre Ogilvie, CEO of the EDMH. “Our hotel association was formed in 2013 and since then has supported Explore Edmonton by funding various initiatives. This memorandum of understanding represents a new era of collaboration for the benefit of the city of Edmonton and members of the EDMH. We are very pleased to have EDMH’s partnership officially recognized through the MOU with Explore Edmonton and look forward to helping accelerate the economic recovery of our sector, industry and region. »

Other joint initiatives include ventures such as: the World Junior Hockey Championship, support for long-running events such as FarmFair International, K-Days, national and international meetings and conferences, concerts, as well as various other national and international sporting and cultural events.

SOURCE Edmonton Destination Marketing Hotels Ltd.

For further information: or to arrange interviews, please contact: Joan Currie, Director of Marketing and Communications Edmonton Destination Marketing Hotels Ltd., cell: 780-940-9570, email: [email protected]; Quinn Phillips, Strategic Communications Manager, Explore Edmonton, Cell: (780) 914-7179, Email: [email protected]

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