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The following news items were taken from the Mail Tribune archives 100 years ago

January 3, 1921


Nearly fifty boys found the appeal of the YMCA vacation hike more appealing than that of Christmas toys, and answered the call of the woods and snow-capped winter hills like primitive Americans.

It is an interesting experience to go above the lingering fog of the valley in the clear winter sun of the hills. This was especially the case with Ashland’s journey which led to higher levels than the previous one from Medford via Jacksonville. Traces of deer and little woodsmen are everywhere in the hills.

CF Koehler and Cash Wood accompanied the boys on the hike, as did OAC vacation visitor Edwin Mowat

As spring approaches, Saturday hikes from different points in the valley will be taken.


Butter and Eggs took a big drop in Medford and the Pacific Coast in general yesterday, and at least a five-cent drop in Medford. A local company now sold butter at 39 cents a pound and eggs at 35 cents a dozen, while several other companies’ prices ranged from about 45 cents for butter and 40 cents for eggs. A year ago at this time, butter was selling for 85 cents a pound and eggs for 65 cents. The recent drop in butter prices is due to the mild winter and the influx of butter shipped to this country from Australia. The open winter and the increased activity of the hens as well as the activity of unloading the cold stocks caused the eggs to fall.


Miss Ewing of Seattle who is an officer in the North West Division of the Red Cross will address the Medford Chamber of Commerce Forum tomorrow at noon at the Medford Hotel.

The entertainment functionality of the program will be provided by Miss Miriam Gaylord, who will entertain members in a unique way.

Due to the fact that the Forums have always interfered with the regular business of the Holland Hotel Cafe, and at the suggestion of the management of the Holland Hotel, the forums, hereafter, until further notice, will all be held at the Holland Hotel Cafe. ‘Medford hotel.

The Forums Committee is pleased to announce that starting tomorrow, five forums of extraordinary importance have been organized. These include speeches by Professor WL Powers of the Oregon College of Agriculture, President Campbell of the University of Oregon, and WDB Dodson, who is the director of the Portland Chamber of Commerce.

On January 18th, Chamber of Commerce Grants Pass members will be attending in droves and delivering the program.

– Alissa Corman; [email protected]

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