Mad man blows guests with fire extinguisher at NYC hotel

An enraged man set off the fire alarm and used a fire extinguisher on guests of the Hotel Saliris in Egerszalók.

The 44-year-old guest from Erd spent New Years Eve at the hotel with his girlfriend. Police are investigating.

The police arrested the madman

It was a packed house in the hotel, with about five hundred guests. According to our information, many guests began to panic, the small children cried and trembled with fear, several adults went out into the fresh air in front of the hotel in their pajamas or wrapped in blankets.

Bálint Soltész, spokesperson for Heves County Police Headquarters, confirmed the incident and said legal action was taken against one of the hotel guests. The 44-year-old man from Erd is being investigated for riot and vandalism, seriously undermining public order.

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A spokesperson said police were alerted around 2 a.m. to how the madman was shouting in one of the halls of the hotel “there is fire, there is fire”.

According to Telex, the mad guest of the hotel then turned on the hotel’s fire alarm system, picked up a fire extinguisher and began to spray its contents in the hallway. The man sprayed it on the guests as well, and after he couldn’t return to his room, he kicked down the door.

The madman was taken to Eger headquarters by the police who arrived at the scene, where he was questioned.

The suspect, who admits spending his New Years Eve with his girlfriend at the hotel, denied everything, Bálint Soltész told

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Hotel staff did their best

Hunguest Hotels has confirmed to that firefighters and ambulances have surrendered to Hotel Saliris due to a false alarm. According to them, after the fire alarm sounded, 10 to 20 of their colleagues took care of the management of the guests.

The guests were understandably frightened when the alarm sounded, but they were kept informed of what was going on. Guests had to spend about 15 minutes in front of the building, they were very cooperative, the hotel added.

They stressed that the Saliris Hotel was not to blame for the incident, but that their staff did their best to resolve the unexpected issue. The New Years party in the hotel lobby had to be interrupted for about 60 minutes, then the music resumed.

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