LPU School of Hotel Management & Tourism held a cake-making ceremony

The Lovely Professional University (LPU) School of Hospitality and Tourism Management hosted a “Cake Mixing Ceremony and Themed Lunch” to welcome the upcoming Christmas holiday season. On this occasion, a gigantic Christmas cake was prepared by LPU students at the university’s ‘Uni hotel Lobby’ to feel the heat of the coming Christmas and New Year season. Such a traditional “cake” is considered a prophecy of peace, prosperity and happiness around the world. The lighting of the Christmas tree, Christmas carols, merry dances and solemn addresses marked the celebrations. LPU Pro Chancellor Ms. Rashmi Mittal honored the occasion and congratulated the students for being together as a global team to organize the celebrations. The event kept the spirit alive of a large number of international and domestic students studying at the university, coming from different Far Indian states and other countries.

In fact, the first step towards making the “cake” is the enormous mixing process, which is observed around the world as the “cake mixing ceremony”. This moving ceremony, which dates back historically to 17th century Europe, is part of a centuries-old Christmas tradition. The ingredients for the mammoth cake included dried fruits like raisins, prunes, dates, cherries, orange, lemon, and nuts like cashews, pistachios, and almonds. Large amounts of fresh fruit juice and honey were generously added to permeate all the mixes. Freshly chopped spices were also added and mixed until the fruits and nuts were well coated. Stirring occasionally to make sure the nuts were puffed up, all of the mixture was emptied into a large container and stored for Christmas and New Years celebrations as well. Also present on occasion were Pro-Vice Chancellors Prof Dr Sanjay Modi, Prof Dr Loviraj Gupta, Deputy Dean Dr Sandeep Walia and faculty members. All encouraged the students to maintain the glorious traditions which teach us to live united in diversity.

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