LPD Blotter: Domestic violence perpetrator ends up in prison


LYNNWOOD, Washington, October 10, 2021 – Lynnwood has seen a steady increase in crime over the last three weeks of September with an average frequency of 118 crimes per week. From September 19 to 25 alone, 138 crimes were reported to the Lynnwood Police Department (LPD). This is the highest weekly figure since last spring.

Needless to say, theft has always been on the Lynnwood crime list. However, it should be mentioned that the LPD has been busy lurking vehicles.

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Domestic violence abuser ends up in jail

Two love rivals clashing didn’t end very well for one of them. The fight took place in Lynnwood on September 21 near 200th Street.

As police attempted to intervene and stop the brawl between two men, they discovered that one of the men, wearing the initial W, had a gun in his pants.

According to the man with the initial “H”, he was coming home from work when he saw “W” approaching his daughter. “H” immediately stepped in to approach “W”, but a fight ensued, and “W” drew a gun threatening to kill “H”. A few minutes later, the police arrived and separated the two men.

Considering a firearm involved in the case, the responding LPD officers handcuffed the two men at the scene, meeting some resistance from “W”.

Officers learned that the genesis of the conflict from the girlfriend at the scene.

She confirmed that she dated “W” for four years but ended the relationship after her deportation in January 2021 in Mexico. She and “W” share a child together. The girlfriend then started a romantic relationship with “H”, and they have been living together ever since.

According to the girlfriend, “W” left a voicemail message earlier on the day of the incident that he will be there to collect his things, but did not indicate the day or time he would do so. “W” broke into the apartment, put his arms around his ex-girlfriend against her will, and stopped her from calling 911. She repeatedly demanded that “W” leave and him. said she would call the police if he didn’t want to leave the residence.

According to “H”, this is not the first time that he has been harassed by “W”. Apparently, “W” has threatened “H” several times in the past and also threatened to kill her children.

After hearing all the witnesses, the two LPD agents believed that they had sufficient probable grounds to arrest “W” for illegally entering an apartment and committing several other crimes while he was inside. the apartment.

“W” now faces several counts, including: 1st degree residential burglary, illegal imprisonment, 4th degree domestic violence, obstructing reporting of domestic violence, criminal harassment, 4th degree assault, and harboring. fire arms.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, Snohomish County Domestic Violence Services offers free and confidential services: emergency shelter, advocacy, support groups, and domestic violence education. For more information, please call their 24-hour helpline: 425-25-ABUSE (425-252-2873).

Found dead in the bathtub, after a fight with her boyfriend

September 4e LPD responded to a call from Super 8 hotel staff from a woman in her 40s who was found dead in a hotel room tub.

In the room, nothing suspicious was found other than a few vials of medication, including anxiolytics, omeprazole to treat heartburn, and two vials of ibuprofen. Bottles of beer were also found in the room next to the woman’s open suitcase.

From the first inspection, the police officer who responded found no sign of violence on the scene.

Interviewing staff and going through the hotel’s management file, a responding officer discovered that the women had initially booked a room for two with a man in his 50s. But after the first night, she requested a separate bedroom on the grounds that her partner was snoring too loudly and that she wanted to be fully rested for a wedding later in the week.

After further investigation, staff informed LPD that the couple were not getting along and after moving her things, she requested that the key to her new room be handed over only to her. The same reaction was from her partner too, he didn’t want her to have the key to his room.

Video footage obtained shows that on the night of her death she went out twice – once to a nearby Walgreens store where a receipt shows the purchase of bottles of ibuprofen and a 12-pack of beers.

Police contacted the man accompanying the woman. He was cooperative but he had no idea of ​​the woman’s death.

The medical examiner also reported that no signs of violence were visible.

All video footage, witness statements and statements have been put together for further investigation into this death.

Woman evicted from her apartment encroaches on her neighbor

A woman has been cited for trespassing on a neighbor’s apartment after being evicted from her own residence in Lynnwood. Her roommate, who was also her friend, reported her to the police on September 13 after seeing her under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The roommate called 911 to have the woman removed from the apartment they shared. The policeman immediately noticed that she was heavily drunk and asked her to accompany him to the hospital, but she refused. After several minutes of discussion, she asked the police officer if she was free to leave. After receiving the affirmation, she walked towards the entrance to the apartment complex.

Still at the scene, the officer heard screams coming from inside the complex. He then saw that the woman entered another apartment, causing another stir.

He then saw the neighbor, terrified that a stranger had invaded the apartment. After the agent spoke with the neighbor, he intervened, removing the woman from her neighbor’s apartment. Fifteen minutes later, he convinced the intruder to stay away from the apartment and accompany him to the hospital.

She was cited for Criminal Trespass 1. Her roommate was advised to file a formal eviction, even though her friend had only lived with her for a month and had never paid rent.

The dog bites her, she reports the owner

A woman was bitten by a dog in Lynnwood and she decided to report the owner to the LPD. The affair, which runs from the end of July to the first days of September, ended with the dog, a small chihuahua, declared potentially dangerous.

On July 24, the victim with the initial “E” was bitten on the left ankle by a dog whose owner has the initial “B”.

Several times trying to contact the dog’s owner, the police officer in charge was able to reach her. B was willing to collaborate and provided her side of the story. The victim provided photos, evidence of a doctor’s visit and prescription drugs brought to the police.

After balancing the stories of both parties and a witness provided by the victim, the officer said there was enough evidence to declare the chihuahua potentially dangerous, according to Lynnwood City Code. He suggested that the lady provide the dog with an up-to-date vaccine list and keep the dog in quarantine for 10 days, which she complied with.

“Escape” service residence for residents

A resident was reported missing from an assisted living facility in Lynnwood on September 13. The man in his 60s is said to have suffered a brain injury, but without other limitations such as memory loss.

The assisted living representative reported that the resident had not received his dose of medication on the day of his disappearance. He left the residence on a mountain bike, stating that he was going to a recycling center in Edmonds to pick up scrap metal for resale.

According to management, the resident has repeatedly broken house rules in the past. He’s already left the family adult home on his bike and been away all day, and he frequently breaks the house’s 7pm curfew, coming home until 1am in some cases.

The reporting party said the man did not believe the rules of the adult family home applied to him and that he came and went as he pleased.

The representative for the adult home said she called the police this time to report his disappearance because it was the first time he had not returned for the night.

The police made several attempts to contact him via his cell phone, but to no avail. The person to contact in case of emergency was her sister, but she had not heard from him either. His sister said that lately he has been hanging out with “bad people” who did not have his best interests in mind. She also added that her brother has become more and more difficult to deal with lately and looks different.

Officers checked with area hospitals to see if they admitted a patient with their description, but none did.

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