London’s coolest new hotel brings Berlin street style to the capital – at a surprising price

The Thursday night I spent felt like a Saturday night. The Bauhaus architecture books on the coffee table in the lobby vibrated to the sound of music from a basement party. Every once in a while, a sneering crowd emerged from one of the elevators, holding cocktail glasses.

“The rooftop bar is on the seventh floor and your room is number 317,” the receptionist informed me, reflecting the establishment’s order of priority. My room was fabulous, but we’ll get to that later, because in keeping with the hotel’s ethos, no sooner had I tossed my travel bag onto my plush cotton bed than I returned to the elevator and climbed onto the roof. for a drink.

The decadence of the sky

As far as London rooftop bars go, Amano’s is a gem, with indoor and outdoor space and stunning views over the city skyline. I sipped the signature Fume cocktail – with smoked pineapple liqueur and sherry – while watching the London Eye sparkle against a purple sunset. The Old Tom rhubarb was as pungent as the chill of a summer night. While the cocktails, priced at £16 each, are little more than chips, some customers were happily spending their evening staying with beer. The vibe was hard to pin down: laid back but also slightly cheery, not stuffy but clubby, the servers are consummate professionals but with a glint in their eyes.

The interior spaces seemed familiarly suited to millennial tastes. The hotel is dripping with hipster-chic, from elaborate light bulb fixtures to brushed gold lashings. Pots of lavender brush the walls of the roof. But there is also an element of unpredictability. You might find yourself tripping over an S&M photo in the restroom or being stared at by a crystal skull behind the bar.

I finally wandered into my room for a showdown with my tub. Confrontation really is the right word. ‘Goldy’ rooms have gilded rolltops set against floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the Covent Garden theatre. I chose to close the black curtains, but I have no doubt that other guests might be tempted to take up the challenge. For the price, I wasn’t sure what my downtown room would bring, but I was pleased to see a bathrobe, slippers, Raw Sea Elements bath products and a choice of kettle and machine coffee.

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