Langham’s ALICE offers fine cuppa in a chic ‘wonderland’ – Sat 26 Mar 2022

Felix Martua (The Jakarta Post)


Jakarta ●
Sat 26 March 2022

With the slogan “the best afternoon tea culture in Jakarta”, the latest establishment of the renowned hotel celebrates the popular British heritage with an Indonesian touch.

What image comes to mind when the phrase “afternoon tea” pops up? It is perhaps a picturesque scene delivered directly from Downton Abbey, in which two Victorian socialites cozy up around a patio table as they discuss the juiciest gossip of the day while enjoying a sponge cake. Posh fantasies aside, the fact remains that afternoon tea parties have stood the test of time and been one of Britain’s best-known social customs since the Queen’s reign. Victoria.

Jump to 2022 and the Langham Jakarta is determined to bring Albion’s chic tradition to the heart of the city’s business district with the opening of ALICE. A tea room designed like a grand café, ALICE welcomed its first customers on March 9. Preserving the authenticity of a venerable custom is fine, but in the eyes of the folks behind ALICE, afternoon tea is not just for socialites or governors. ‘ wives. After all, this isn’t a British period piece – this is modern Jakarta, home to some of the country’s most diverse and curious foodies.

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