Kim and Ye never, never, never get back together

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What could be better than a powerful couple? A messy power divorce, which is exactly what we get from Kim Kardashian West and Kanye west now officially you. According to reports by E! News, Ye messed up the work on the divorce papers by not responding to Kim and his lawyers. Now she is asking the court to declare her legally single, stating: “The continued maintenance of technical marital status between [Kim] and [Ye] is useless and there is no reason to maintain the legal relationship. She also stressed, via her lawyer, that she “has no desire to be reconciled”. Ouch!

Worse for Ye’s ego, Kim has her last name West removed despite said before she would keep it in order to have the same last name as her children.

Among Yes very public appeals to save the marriage, he is currently dating a model live with him in his house in Malibu. What is love?

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