Jake “The Snake” Roberts Opens Up About His Racist Promo At AAA From The Past Event

AEW’s Jake Roberts was a recent guest on Talk Is Jericho where he reflected on his experience working with AAA. This led him to once do a promo to promote an upcoming show, where he decided to dig Mexicans.

“They send me to a TV station to do promos, I did the promos”, he said. “At that time you could still have a little fun on the mic without doing something politically incorrect. Because I’m not racist at all, I like everyone, no matter what color. I can’t see color, guess I’m colorblind, I don’t like that shit, man. I have more in my life than that, I can’t stand people who are like that.

“I went and did the press thing and was having fun, I asked the answer, ‘do you know the reason why they’re having the Olympics in Atlanta and not Mexico?’ “No, why, I said, because anyone who can run, jump or swim is already there. They didn’t like it, so I sang a song called ‘The Frito Bandito’. They thought it was bad too, so they stopped that song, they didn’t like that one, and there might have been some other little digs, I didn’t think it was really serious.

Although Jake Roberts didn’t think the situation was serious, he quickly learned that it wasn’t. When the Hall Of Famer visited the hotel, he discovered fans were trying to track him down. It was because they were so offended that they wanted to kill him.

“They took me back to my hotel, it was live. As I walked into the hotel lobby, there was a bar at that time. I stopped, looked up, and there was a television that was in Spanish, and something caught my eye. What caught my attention was these Mexicans who got sprayed with a water cannon,” he said. “Wow it’s serious bro.

“I tell the bartender, ‘shit, man, they’re going to kill these people.’ He says, ‘Yeah, Amigo, you do that.’ ‘I did that, didn’t I do shit?’ ‘Yeah, they’re looking for you mom,’ I said, ‘what?’ He said, ‘they’re trying to find you, they want to slit your fucking throat,’ I said, ‘can I buy a beer?'”

Jake Roberts then recalled wrestling for AAA in Los Angeles. It ended with him and DDP being bombarded with drums and beers as the fans hated them. When they got to the back, Roberts was so hot he destroyed the locker room.

“We did the thing in LA and we had a really hard time, Dallas and I,” he said. “We walk out of the ring and they’re unloading on us, there was no protection. They absolutely got away from us, we were taking heavy shit. The batteries were hurting, they were bombarding us with horrible shit, it didn’t It’s not fun to pee or drink hot beer. A cold one is fine.

“They were closing in on us, some of them were shooting. Basically we fought to come back. Well, I had asked for security before going out. Since there were none, I went straight to the head of the locker room. I was pissed off man, back then I wasn’t very good at controlling myself because I was pumped up with pharmaceuticals and stuff. I grabbed it and threw it a bit and half destroyed the locker room.

(Credit to Wrestling Inc. for transcription.)

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