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If you lived on a planet with seven billion other people, there would probably be six lookalikes of you there. These two men live in neighboring states, one is a top actor and the other is a small business man, who also happens to be a die-hard fan of the star.

Thalapathy Vijay lookalike Rajesh lives in Palakkad, Kerala and has recently come to prominence in Tamil Nadu, where he campaigned for Vijay’s rising political enterprise – Vijay Makkal Iyakkam (VMI).

Rajesh was in Madurai this week campaigning for a few VMI candidates, who are vying for the polls of urban local bodies in Tamil Nadu. WION spoke to the mirror image of Vijay, who is in high demand after his first public appearance in Tamil Nadu.

Growing up in Kerala as a Vijay fan, Rajesh would often look in the mirror to see if he looked like the star.

Sometimes it felt like he did, sometimes it felt like he didn’t… but that didn’t take away from his admiration for the actor and his style. Rajesh has always been the kind of fan who erects cutouts for his star, before the movie comes out. However, it was in the midst of the pandemic that there was a twist in this story.

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In early 2021 when Vijay’s movie ‘Master’ came out on the screens and Rajesh had gone to the theater to watch the screening. That’s when the similarities started to become more and more obvious.

With just a small tweak to the hairstyle and beard, one couldn’t tell the difference between the then 32-year-old Rajesh and the 46-year-old movie star.

“In the case of lookalikes, most people have to use excessive make-up and prosthetics to look like a star. For Rajesh, his build, physique, complexion and features match exactly. All it takes is a few minutes of styling and beard style paired with the right attire. He doesn’t need any makeup at all,” said Rajesh’s friend Pradeep who is also a fan of Vijay.

At the special insistence of VMI, Rajesh and Pradeep had traveled from Palakkad, Kerala to Madurai in Tamil Nadu, to assist VMI candidates in the elections.

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Already hugely popular on Instagram, Rajesh and his friend couldn’t believe the enthusiastic reception they received in Madurai, with fans and the public surrounding Rajesh for selfies. There were crowds everywhere they went to campaign and even ladies came forward to voice their grievances.

Apparently the two bouncers escorting the doppelganger weren’t able to handle the crowd.

The use of lookalikes of popular actors and political leaders is a common sight during elections in Tamil Nadu, especially in places like Madurai, where such gigs offer reasonable daily wages for performers. However, Rajesh is firm that he will not use his special gift to earn money by posing in front of the public.

This time around, the fans had covered Rajesh’s travel and accommodation expenses for the trip to Madurai.

In viral videos from Madurai, the lookalike is seen sporting the actor look from the movie ‘Master’, where he plays a college professor. From frying Vadas at a roadside restaurant to exiting his hotel lobby to popping the sunroof of a car, while campaigning for VMI candidates, he has done it all in Madurai, the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu.

At the insistence of fans, he also tried to play a scene from the movie “Master”, where Vijay chases a moving bus and gets on it.

Shy and only willing to respond in short sentences, Rajesh expressed that his main wish was to meet Vijay Annan (older brother), hug him and click a picture with him if possible.

“It’s his style, his mass, his dancing and his expressions that make me such a huge fan. I even maintained my physique by training at home for almost an hour a day,” says- he.

With the ‘Master’ look that took him on, Rajesh is now waiting for Vijay’s next release ‘Beast’, to try and step into the actor’s new look.

Eager to meet his icon, Rajesh feels that his dream is getting closer and closer… “I think he (Vijay) has already watched my campaign videos in Madurai” enthuses Rajesh.

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