Investigators are close to identifying the shooter in the Glen Cove hotel shooting, police say

Police say investigators are close to identifying the shooter who shot three people, including a security guard, after a fight broke out at a party at an upscale Glen Cove hotel sunday.

Glen Cove Police Department spokesperson Det. Lt. John Nagle said officers responded to a call for gunfire at the Glen Cove mansion just after 5 p.m. on Sunday and said the three injured were taken to hospital for treatment. None of the injuries were life-threatening, he said.

On Monday, Nagle said, “We are following all investigative leads at this time. And we hope to make progress in identifying the shooter.”

But, he said, no arrests have been made.

Nagle said hotel management, including the owner, as well as guests at the rally were all “cooperative” with investigators – and he said police believed that at the time he there was a shooter, a man. He said police still have not recovered the weapon used in the shooting.

“Since we did not recover the weapon, I cannot speculate on the weapon or the caliber of the weapon used,” Nagle said.

There were about 150 to 200 people at a “Big Fendi Celebrity Pool Party” at The Mansion, Nagle said Sunday. The pool party was advertised on the internet, officials said.

The hotel was evacuated and blocked on Sunday evening. Several officers surveyed the front of the area, while the K-9 unit was active.

Glen Cove Mayor Pamela Panzenbeck was at the scene on Sunday evening and said the incident shook her.

“It was not something we expected. We go to high school reunions and weddings and fundraisers and all kinds of things here,” she said. “It wasn’t people from Glen Cove who were here today, so we have to look at how they got here and how it went.”

She did not specify how she knew the attendees were not from Glen Cove.

No one at the hotel was available for comment.

Describing the incident, Nagle said on Sunday that “there was some sort of fight” and that one of the security guards working the event tried to escort someone out of the party and kicked fire had been fired – resulting in injuries. The other two victims were partygoers, he said.

The shooting happened inside the mansion near the lobby, he said.

“We hope to close this case quickly,” Nagle said Monday, adding that he hopes to have updates on a suspect “soon.”

Glen Cove Mansion, a brick Georgian mansion surrounded by 55 acres of estate, was built in 1910 for Standard Oil executive John Teele Pratt and his wife Ruth Baker Pratt, the first woman elected to Congress since New York .

It is one of the areas that make up the Gold Coast of Long Island.

The Mansion at Glen Cove has also appeared in several films, including Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 classic “North by Northwest” and “Sabrina” starring Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn and William Holden. In 1967, it became one of the nation’s first conference center hotels, according to its website.

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