‘Instead of shooting ball with little white kids, let’s see Michael Jordan get down in the hood’: When Tupac expressed disdain for Jordan’s disengagement with the black community

Tupac once called out Michael Jordan for fraternizing with “little white kids” instead of being a role model for kids growing up in the neighborhood.

Michael Jordan has repeatedly made it clear that being one of the greatest and certainly most famous athletes of all time is no walk in the park. In his 1992 interview with Playboy, he challenged his fans to step into his shoes and see what it was like to see millions of people trying to track your every move every day.

However, despite the immense fame, Jordan made time for his fans. Although it was nerve-wracking to sign autographs and jerseys at 3am in your hotel lobby, he did it to the best of his abilities. Her role in North American sports as a role model is often overshadowed by her cold demeanor at times.

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The truth is that Michael Jordan is a man of many admirable values. He has done everything from donating his salary in 2002 to 9/11 relief funds to being involved in various charities such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the UNCF/College Fund.

There were, however, several skeptics as to whether or not Michael had the purest intentions in mind. Tupac Shakur was one of them.

Tupac on Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan wasn’t exactly someone who showed up at local parks to play with random kids. It is impossible for players of Jordan’s stature to play basketball in such a public domain. Tupac Shakur, one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time, has refuted Jordan and his neglect of neighborhood kids.

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“Do you know Michael Jordan? I never saw Michael Jordan in the neighborhood. Let’s see Jordan go downtown, just a parking lot, and shoot some ball with the kids. I bet you it would change their lives, instead of going to a suburban PAL unit, shooting ball with all the excuse men, but all the little white kids who are still heroes to shoot ball with .

“They have a father to shoot with, a grandfather to shoot with, uncles to shoot with, godfathers to shoot with, their friends, their neighbours.”

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