How many kids does NBA YoungBoy have? All about YoungBoy

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden of YoungBoy Never Broke Again is one of the most successful rappers of his generation. The rapper has a strong work ethic and creates successful and catchy tracks. YoungBoy released eight popular mixtapes between 2015 and 2017, and he signed to Atlantic Records in late 2017. His latest album, 38 Baby 2, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

YoungBoy is well known for his songs, as well as the controversy of his baby mom. YoungBoy’s relationships are rarely without drama, and he often makes headlines for something involving the women in his life. YoungBoy is only twenty years old, but he already has a large number of mommies and girlfriends.

Arcola, the mother of the NBA baby, has a difficult connection with him

In mid-2021, the NBA had its eighth biological child, a son named Kaell. People immediately noticed his resemblance to YoungBoy after his mother, Arcola, uploaded the kid. “I love you so much, my firstborn,” Arcola wrote. “I pray that God protects you every step of the way.” “I will be there for you every step of the way.” You melt my heart; I had no idea I could feel this. “Stinky grease, I adore you.

YoungBoy and Arcola argued over Kaell. They exchanged allegations and screenshots of texts on social media. The couple’s feuds seem to start when the NBA demands to see Kaell.

Although she received child support from the NBA, Arcola continues to work at her regular job. On TikTok, she informed fans that just because the NBA has money doesn’t mean she won’t be working. Arcola said if the NBA leaves the scene, it could raise Kaell on its own. She said, “I have the opportunity to work.

We’re both parents, so why would I just let him take care of my son? In my opinion, this is equivalent to cheating on an exam. I will take care of my son in every way possible. If this man left immediately, I could take care of my son without having to work. What is happening here? I am a father and I have money.

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Yaya Mayweather and her NBA husband, Floyd Mayweather, welcomed their baby into the world early on January 21

On her Instagram Story, Yaya Mayweather confirmed the birth of her child by posting a snapshot of the child’s foot. She didn’t say anything about the child’s gender or name, but according to The Shade Room, it’s a boy.

After Yaya’s baby bulge became noticeable over the summer, many speculated that she might be pregnant. Floyd said Yaya was expecting the NBA kid in an interview with Hollywood Unlocked. He said: “All I want for my daughter is the best.” Always look for the best. We are happy if it makes her happy. His mother and I are happy. But I try not to interfere in his personal affairs. Because after she gets out of my house, it’ll just be her and her better half.

The second NBA child, Drea Symone, was born in November 2020

Drea Symone posted on Instagram on Thanksgiving Day 2020 that she gave birth to a baby girl. Along with a snapshot of her daughter’s hand, Symone included the following caption:

“On Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2020, I was presented with a 7.5 pound cause to be thankful for. I’ve been savoring the days since… you could say my heart is overflowing!! Kodi Capri.

NBA ex-girlfriends Nisha and Kaylyn Marie gave birth to NBA kids just days apart in June 2020

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Kayden Gaulden, Nisha and YoungBoy’s first child, was born in 2016. Nisha revealed she was pregnant with YoungBoy’s child via Instagram Live in late 2019. YoungBoy was also expecting a child with another ex-girlfriend, Kaylyn Mary, she says. YoungBoy has yet to respond to the claims, but Kaylyn Marie tweeted about her pregnancy. She frequently tweets about her joy at the prospect of becoming a mother.

Nisha wrote a post on June 18, 2020, which led people to believe she had given birth. “Thank you all,” she added, hinting that the couple’s second child had arrived. Kaylyn Marie had just tweeted that she had given birth to the NBA’s child when Nisha made her announcement. “KAMG, 6/16/20. 12:43 PM,” Marie tweeted. “The whole world has stopped for you.”

Despite the fact that they are not biologically related, he raises Kamron Gaulden as his son.

YoungBoy has a child named Kamron Gaulden, although they are not biologically related. Starr Dejanee has three children, one of whom is Gaulden. YoungBoy made the following announcement on Facebook: “I want to be the first to tell you that I have officially found out that baby K is not my child, but the man that I am, I will continue to raise him. like it was mine, I can’t lie. It hurts to find out the truth but life goes on,” she said.

YoungBoy’s biological child, Kamiri Gaulden, is his second child with Starr. Many people praised her decision to raise Kamron as her own child, but Nia’s mother was not happy. YoungBoy and Nia welcomed Tay Gaulden into the world on March 19, 2017. YoungBoy wasn’t convinced Tay was his child at this time, but after taking a paternity test, he kissed the baby.

Jania Meshell was allegedly assaulted by him and he was arrested

In February 2018, YoungBoy was arrested for abusing and kidnapping his ex-girlfriend Jania Jackson. After TMZ posted a video of YoungBoy punching Jackson and dragging him into a hotel room, he was arrested. Jackson defended Youngboy, saying she was not abducted and would not have remained in an abusive relationship.

Reportedly, YoungBoy made Jania sleep in a hotel lobby so he could meet another woman. Jania admitted to sleeping in the hallway, but she made no mention of YoungBoy. YoungBoy was banned from all contact with Jackson following the allegations against him, and he found a new girlfriend during this time.

He announced Jania’s pregnancy on Instagram Live and said he would leave his new partner for Jania after clearing her name. Kacey was welcomed into the world by Jania and YoungBoy, but their turmoil didn’t stop there. They traded claims about who regularly gave others herpes.

Yaya Mayweather would be his fiancee

Iyanna and NBA YoungBoy have had their fair share of recurring relationships. Iyanna has expressed her love for YoungBoy, but he doesn’t seem to share her feelings. She posted on Instagram while drunk that YoungBoy owned her heart, to which he replied that he doesn’t like drunk girls.

Iyanna then shared a photo with a ring on one of her fingers, sparking speculation that she and the NBA were set to tie the knot. YoungBoy added fuel to the fire when he said on Twitter that he was looking for a wife. Iyanna and YoungBoy’s relationship seems doomed after she was accused of stabbing one of YoungBoy’s children.

Lapattra was reportedly spotted at YoungBoy’s residence by Iyanna, who asked her to leave. Iyanna allegedly stabbed Lapattra during the ensuing confrontation. According to reports, Lapattra underwent surgery following the stabbing and Iyanya faces a significant prison sentence if convicted of the charges. NBA said on Instagram a month before the knife incident that he considered himself single: “I don’t have a girlfriend; i keep my bm with me; she can go if she wants; otherwise, great; I communicate with a female dog in landfill; I have no idea what you are talking about; I don’t even fuck with / don’t bother you.

The clip

Despite having his face tattooed on his chest, a fan of YoungBoy denied being in a relationship with him

Arabian made headlines after uploading a photo of herself with a tattoo of YoungBoy on her chest. Arabian got in trouble with one of YoungBoy’s Baby Mamas, Jania Jackson, over the tattoo. Jania and Arabian argued on Twitter, with Arabian referring to Jania’s child as his “stepson” at one point. On Twitter, Arabian wrote, “Stop lying I’m no one’s girlfriend. The tattoo is just part of my story. Stop pretending I took an L BC of y’fake all the allegations and meanings behind the tweets… I never said he told me to get it… “I don’t know what you do.”

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