Hotels and restaurants urge Maha government to extend opening hours until 1 a.m.


The restrictions imposed during the Corona period caused significant losses to hotels and restaurants. The West India Hotel and Restaurant Association has called on the Chief Minister and the Minister of Tourism to remove the current deadline and reduce it to 1:30 a.m.

Of all the regions of the country, the tourism sector has been hit the hardest by the crown. Business came to a complete halt after the lockdown was imposed. To date, 30% of hotels and restaurants in the country have been permanently closed due to financial losses. More than 20 percent of hotels and restaurants are not yet fully open and the remaining 50 percent are at a loss.

Sherry Bhatia, President of the West India Hotel and Restaurant Association, said that under the current scenario, it has become impossible to run a hotel or restaurant in terms of rent and salary costs, reimbursement of expenses. old debts, low commercial and electricity bills, wages, other charges. Our attempts to undo it by resuming our activities fail. Currently, at least one dose of the corona vaccine has been given to about three million people in the state, and the number of new patients is steadily declining. In such a scenario, we urge the government to take immediate action and help citizens recover from the huge financial losses suffered in the past 18 months.

“As hotel hours are not achievable for hotel operations, we urge the government to reschedule restaurant hours all day of the week based on the establishment’s licensing time,” Bhatia said. It was also said that the business would be better if the deadline was extended.

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