Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s new ‘Sense of Lake’ boutique puts Italian craftsmanship at your fingertips


The iconic property on Lake Como, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, is a feast for the eyes; at the entrance you will discover a range of bright colors, beautiful textiles and pieces of Italian craftsmanship. Staff and guests are dressed to perfection because who wouldn’t want to look their best in such a chic destination? All bedrooms are decorated with not only your usual bathroom products but also perfumes and hand cream for a stylish experience. Against the backdrop of so much fashion, beauty and craftsmanship, it makes sense that the Grand Hotel Tremezzo opens a boutique bringing together the best of Italian art. Best of all, the store is fully digital, bringing La Dolce Vita to the world.

Rightly named after its waterfront location, Sense of the lake, is an all-Italian digital store offering a selection of luxury clothing, housewares and accessories. The pieces were handpicked by palace CEO and resident fashionphile Valentia De Santis. She selected each Italian designer who then created a bespoke collection for the Grand Hotel Lake Como, making it a truly unique shopping experience.

The store is divided into home, accessories, kids, books, beauty and clothing categories. Of course, in the beauty section you will find the aforementioned perfume and hand cream which is part of the Aqua Como line. The products come in Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s signature orange and smell like beautiful property. The fresh notes of the lake meet the floral notes of the lush palace park in a dreamy scent. The line also offers a body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel if you want to immerse yourself from head to toe in the Aqua Como scent.

Looking for something to wear that isn’t a pretty scent? Sense of Lake offers both women’s and men’s clothing. To look incredibly chic at home, stock up on FRS For Restless Sleepers, brightly colored pajamas and kaftans inspired by the Palace’s lush gardens and stunning lake views. Of course, a store called Sense of Lake has to carry swimwear and you can buy Bikini Lake Como and VVidi Swimwear brands for one-pieces and bikinis. Men can choose CDLP swimwear in a variety of colors. Complete your swimsuit with Mia’s beach wear and you’re ready for a day in the pool.

The biggest section of the store is the accessories section, where you can find everything from sunglasses and shoes to jewelry and handbags. The large Chez Dede bags are perfect for traveling or carrying items for a day at the beach and are adorned with the Lago di Como – a lovely way to remember a previous stay at Grand Hotel Tremezzo or a convenient time to plan a new journey. For smaller bag options, you can opt for an adorable pouch with Babush, which comes in silky fabrics and a range of colors. Speaking of bags, are you looking to upgrade your luggage? Sense of Lake offers a line of vintage-inspired luxury suitcases and there’s even a limited edition piece from their Bellagio collection that features a design of a woman reclining under one of the famous orange umbrellas at Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

Whether you want to bring beautiful pieces home from your vacation at Grand Hotel Tremezzo or want to purchase Italian-made pieces from home, Sense of Lake makes it easy for you to shop Italian-made.

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