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This story first appeared on Cowboy State Daily

By Jennifer Kocher, Cowboy State Daily

Tammy Davidson didn’t think there were any good guys anymore.

Then her faith was restored after a handful of strangers – and an unknown tow truck driver known only as Shawn – went out of their way to help her and her husband find their dachshund well. -loved after a shipwreck near Rawlins.

Tammy and her husband David were unlucky to run into the October 12 snowstorm near Rawlins as they were driving Interstate 80 from their home in Missouri to Washington, where they would drop off a trailer for a customer.

Tammy recalled that David drove the truck over a bridge and the van was hit by a gust of snow and wind that half-masted their trailer and spun them around, causing the van to overturn and trapping both. inside the vehicle.

Tammy isn’t sure how the 12-year-old “Buddy” family dachshund got out of the pickup, but thinks he may have been thrown through the broken sunroof and lost in the snow.

My friend is gone

Buddy is a service animal for David, who has diabetes. He was never far from Tammy and David or even alone, let alone in the middle of the snowstorm.

While the Davidsons waited for help to come to their aid, all Tammy could think of was that the truck would ignite and they would be burned in the blaze. Then her thoughts turned to Buddy, even as she got stuck in the cab of the van.

Her first words to Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Nick Haller, who she said stayed with her in the vehicle, must have made Buddy disappear.

Although Haller tried to get Tammy out of the cab, she would not have gotten out of the van until the fire department spent 45 minutes getting her out of the vehicle. She was told that she only survived because she was lying in her seat. If she had been seated upright, she would have been crushed on impact.

From the moment of their rescue, the kindness shown by strangers in Carbon County continued in a way that still blew the Davidson’s minds as they remember that terrible day.

After a quick trip to the hospital where they were examined and released with minor cuts and bruises, the Davidsons were escorted to the Best Western Cottontree Inn in Rawlins.

When the night auditor saw Tammy dressed in warm clothes and flip flops, she told her manager Casey Shinkle that she was taking Tammy to Walmart to buy some clothes. During the trip, Tammy spoke to the employee about Buddy, and the woman immediately took charge of her case, explaining the situation to Shinkle.

“We’re all a bunch of animal lovers,” Shinkle told Cowboy State Daily Tuesday, “so we wanted to do whatever we could to help.”

Looking for buddy

He posted a photo of Buddy on his Facebook page and several others locally and the photo was later shared by KTGA radio station in Saratoga. The post got more than 1,500 shares, Shinkle said, and community members got to work trying to find the dachshund wearing a small brown sweater that got lost in the snow.

If it hadn’t been in the middle of a snowstorm, Shinkle said he would have picked up the dog himself, but instead he and office worker Moselle Wolfe and the auditor of night did what they could to help spread the word.

That night was possibly the longest night in the Davidsons’ life, Tammy said. The two were absolutely disheartened not knowing where Buddy was or if he would survive the night alone along the freeway.

David took it particularly hard. Tammy can’t remember the last time she saw her husband cry, but that night the tears flowed. Buddy isn’t just David’s service animal, but travels and sleeps with him when he’s on the road, saving his life twice when his blood sugar drops dangerously low.

“We were sick,” Tammy said from her home in Missouri, “and absolutely devastated. Buddy is her lifeline and I was afraid David would sink into a deep depression.

Small paw prints

Finally, around 9 p.m. the following evening, the couple received a call in their hotel room. It was a tow truck driver named Shawn, who had called to say he had found Buddy when he got home that day to get the trailer out.

The driver said he followed a series of tiny paw prints in the snow to find the puppy shivering near the crash site. Tammy asked the driver if he would bring the dog to their hotel as they didn’t have transportation and the driver agreed.

“David was in seventh heaven,” Tammy said when the couple found Buddy in the hotel lobby. “All his humor. Everything changed. It was such an amazing moment. “

Besides having bloodshot eyes and being very cold, Buddy was doing very well and was happy to be back with his people, Tammy said.

She thought the tow truck driver worked for Metz Towing, but Cowboy State Daily couldn’t find such a business after making several phone calls to businesses in Rawlins.

Aside from all the people who went out of their way to help the couple, the Davidsons were also pleasantly surprised when Quality Motors loaned them a car to drive to Cheyenne to get a rental car.

“I was shocked at the people and how nice they were to us,” Tammy said. “They did everything for us. Usually there aren’t any good guys anymore, but now I have a whole different point of view.

For his part, Buddy is happy to find his “wife” Dora and one of their puppies.

Now safe at home, the couple continue to count their blessings as they reflect on the experience.

“God was definitely riding a shotgun with us that day,” Tammy said.

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