Every difficult situation will make you a stronger person

How has your life experience made you the leader you are today?

I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Restaurant and Hospitality Management, from Victoria University of Technology in Melbourne. Australia. Unfortunately, the economic climate was unfavorable at the time. Jobs were scarce and many were unemployed. In such an economic climate, employers would favor experienced candidates.

I chose to build my career from the bottom of the ladder by applying regularly for jobs in departments such as waitress, housekeeping and reception in many hotels, restaurants and bakeries, performing tasks basics such as cooking, cleaning rooms, labeling underwear, turn down services. and wash clothes. It took almost eight months until I finally got a job as a receptionist in a three star hotel in Australia.

Through this chosen path, I was not only able to learn about all facets of the industry, but it also gave me a good understanding of the psyche of people working at all levels.

So when it comes to hiring today, I make it a point to give new grads a chance like I once did. Candidates with a good attitude always stand out. Traveloka will train them to be future leaders if they want to be prepared. On top of that, my illustrious career path has made me see all jobs as important, within an ecosystem. There is not a single job or role that can be done independently, for a business to be successful or the best.

What characteristics do you look for in your talent or how do you decide who is right for a job?

As the current Country Manager of Traveloka Malaysia, I’m always on the lookout for talent with not only the right skills to fill a role, but also a growth mindset to progress with a brand that has innovation like strongest part of its DNA.

Other than that, I’m also always open to new talent with or without experience, and I have the right attitude and mindset to explore new ideas and think outside the box. The ideal team for me is to have the best of both worlds – a good mix of experienced and novices.

I also make it a priority to prepare future second understudy to promote from within. This, to me, is not only good for employee morale, but also to ensure a seamless orientation to the brand’s DNA.

How do you think the industry you work in will evolve?

The evolution of the travel industry has continued over the past decade. Even at Traveloka, the brand had seen a massive evolution over the past 10 years. It started as a metasearch engine – an online airfare comparison aggregator – for the Southeast Asian lifestyle super app, which meets the lifestyle needs of consumers with more than 20 products and services under two pillars: travel and local services, as well as financial services.

In Malaysia, we are a super travel app with over 5,000 partners under two main pillars: local travel and services, and experiences.

This is evolution at its peak. We believe that technological innovation is and will always be the engine of this evolution.

So, for us, artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics are key to providing travelers with the best and most relevant solutions to meet their travel needs and aspirations.

Rooted in this belief, I believe the industry can only become more predictive and experiential, while encompassing more of the traveler lifestyle in the near future.

What advice can you offer to those looking to start their own career/business?

There is no job too small for one person. Each role provides an opportunity to grow.

Whatever role you’re currently in, always look for growth opportunities in one or more of these three areas – administration and people management, business acumen, or technical skills. Such an aptitude makes the person more valuable to an organization, whether as a specialist or a manager.

Be proud of everything you do, no matter how small the task. Do it with passion and never give up, even if the situation may seem demotivating.

Every difficult situation can only make you a stronger person.

We all know the industrial revolution, are we going to experience a technological revolution? Your thoughts.

I think we are living through a technological revolution at its peak. Traveloka is a good example. Backed by the most advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence technology, the super app has grown from an online travel ticket aggregator to a super travel app capable of meeting all the travel needs of its users in Malaysia.

As we now enter endemicity and learn to live with Covid-19, Traveloka is able to direct users to the nearest Covid-19 testing centers.

Other than that, the nature of Covid-19 being highly unpredictable, Traveloka makes it easy to reschedule bookings for travelers.

Through the application of analytics, we are also able to work with our platform partners in the flight, hospitality and experience industries to deliver the most relevant promotions and solutions for modes of travel. life of superapp users.

How has mentorship made a difference in your professional life?

Three mentors have guided me throughout my career. One taught me to look for talent within the organization and nurture it by providing opportunities for growth. Another taught me that establishing clear goals and strategies, as well as providing the tools are important when it comes to creating a nurturing and trusting environment for employees to grow. The third taught me patience and communication skills – to listen and understand a particular issue.

As leaders, sometimes we want quick results, but sometimes we have to let things take their course. So, from all the mentors, I learned the value of patience, listening and clear communication, and I consistently apply them in my role, before making decisions.

The best career advice you’ve ever received.

Life is never a bed of roses. Those who persevere will find the way to overcome all challenges.

How do you stay on top of issues affecting your industry?

I read and surround myself with industry experts. Since I am in the tourism industry,

I also network with people outside of the tourism industry, whenever I can, because everyone is part of the tourism ecosystem. Apart from that, social media is also an integral part of my daily life as it is the fastest channel so far to get information.

What was the biggest challenge you faced? What did you learn from this?

Being a woman, having a family and climbing the corporate ladder. When I had my firstborn in 2006 I made the decision to stop working temporarily and then faced the anxiety of not knowing if someone would employ me as I was unemployed for some time.

It makes me more understanding of women who want to have a family, as well as a career. I want all my employees to be able to integrate work and personal life well, because a happy family promotes a happy working life.

What are the top three factors you would attribute your success to?

Certainly my understanding of Traveloka’s peers and leaders throughout my career here who entrusted me and empowered me to run the Malaysia office.

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone but the leaders have kept us motivated with their clear vision, innovating throughout for greater post-pandemic success.

I also have a strong team that is able to maintain team spirit at all times. Without their support, their laughter and their exchange of ideas, I could not grow.

Last but not least, my children and my family.

They bring me joy when I’m not at work. They are understanding and know that their mother should be the breadwinner. Thus, they help prepare meals and help with household chores. It all started during the pandemic, when we had to stay home while I was busy planning for the endemic period.

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