Culture lives here. How Thompson Hotels bring the best creations directly to guests.

While there is still a strong demand for budget hotels with the lowest rates in town, Millennials and Gen Z show a strong penchant for local immersion and authenticity in travel, which has led to many hotel brands to rethink in a thoughtful way not only the physical space, but also the cultural space. programming and amenities. Last month, Thompson Hotels launched the Culture Lives Here campaign, bringing “culture changers” to some of its North American properties to offer immerses in the neighborhood vibe through music, art, fashion, design and cuisine. “Launched alongside the brand’s 20th anniversary and sustained growth, this campaign honors the cultural roots of Thompson Hotels and elevates them even further by supporting designers who we believe are what the brand has always been, a epicenter of culture, ”says Crystal Vinisse Thomas. , vice president and global leader in lifestyle and luxury brands for Hyatt. Thomas says Culture Lives Here experiences vary widely across the portfolio, including activations ranging from a pop-up tattoo store to the lobby of a hotel (more details below!) To local designer to amplify. the cultural zeitgeist in, on or around the walls of his hotel. To inspire your future travels and, perhaps, your own creativity, here are four awesome examples of the Culture Lives Here campaign unveiled in the United States and Mexico and remaining accessible throughout the New Year.

Thompson zihuatanejo

Mexican artist and illustrator Oscar Torres recently unveiled his vibrant new mural outside HAO Restaurant in Thompson Zihuatanejo. Tasked with creating a work that conveys the everyday life and culture of the dreamy Mexican fishing village, Torres shines a light on the people, wildlife and economy of Zihuatanejo in a deceptively simple style that reveals an increasingly long history. as you watch (although it will most likely happen through the many shots taken of this new Insta-worthy backdrop!).

Thompson hollywood

Los Angeles creator Wade Crescent has teamed up with Thompson Hollywood as curator of music at Lis Bar, the rooftop lounge in Southern France and Southern California, featuring both DJs and live music sets four evenings a week. Special for hotel guests, the experience continues with the Bar Lis playlist and guide to the best Crescent music spots in town, accessible via a free QR code found in rooms. Additionally, a mirror and onyx installation by Culture Lives Here campaign ambassador Arielle Assouline-Lichten will remain on display in the Thompson Hollywood lobby, where the program’s chic launch party took place in early November, early 2022.

Thompson seattle

Colorful tattoo artist Lolli Morlock is moving to Thompson Seattle on select weekends through January. Its pop-up shop in the lobby offers a variety of services ranging from tattoo consultations to live tattooing, as well as products including hotel-inspired temporary tattoos for less permanent pleasure with its dynamic and signature style, as Thompson pays homage to the city’s distinct tattoo culture, which he considers an art form in its own right.

Gild Hall, a Thompson Hotel

New York’s Gild Hall is the final home of the Haiku Guys & Gals, a group of typewriter-armed poets who design and produce personal haikus for on-site guests. Original creations are created in around 2 minutes and are inspired by the random treat the guest chooses to share. Once a week until the end of January, the Creators of Whimsical Words offer their services in the lobby of Gild Hall, introducing guests to the abundance of creative quirks that fill New York City.

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