COAF announces an international architectural competition for its 2nd SMART campus in Armenia

YEREVAN — The Children’s Fund of Armenia (COAF) has launched the international architectural competition for the COAF SMART Campus in Armenia’s Armavir region. Architects from around the world are invited to submit their innovative architectural concepts for a rural environment of 90 hectares of world-class educational, cultural and tourist facilities in line before May 2, 2022. The winning design proposals will be selected by an international jury, chaired by award-winning architect Michel Mossessian and composed of internationally renowned architects and representatives of educational institutions.

The future Armavir SMART Campus is the second of its kind, following in the footsteps of COAF’s SMART Campus in the northern region of Lori, inaugurated in 2018. Over the past four years, more than 3,000 rural children have attended the Lori SMART Center, enjoying equitable access to quality education in the arts, athletics, engineering, entrepreneurship, languages ​​and music. Along with developing the academic and professional qualifications of rural Armenian youth, the SMART Campus has laid a solid foundation for tourism and economic development by placing a series of social enterprises, including a boutique hotel (Concept Hotel), a tourist information center (Visitor Center), a nursery and an upcoming conference center (conference center) within walking distance of the SMART center and right in the mountainous countryside of Lori.

The construction of the new SMART Campus in Armavir reiterates COAF’s commitment to offering a centralized and holistic approach to rebuilding rural communities in Armenia. At the heart of the campus and this competition is the creation of a new SMART Center designed to provide underserved rural children in Armavir with long-term educational prospects through multidisciplinary after-school programs. Echoing the design of its predecessor, the Armavir SMART Center will be integrated into a complex ecosystem of training facilities and social enterprises aimed at driving economic growth through tourism and agricultural diversification.

The announcement of the architectural competition for Armenia’s second SMART campus marks the start of a new phase for COAF’s rural development approach – a phase in which the organization amplifies its impact on working conditions and life in rural communities by establishing SMART campuses across the country, starting with his home. region, Armavir. The organization invites architects from all over the world to contribute their revolutionary solutions to bring an architectural masterstroke to the most neglected rural areas of Armenia and help build the future of the country in many aspects.

Armenia Children's Fund

The Children of Armenia Fund is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2003. Our holistic, community-based approach to rural poverty reduction has helped village youth in Armenia access the resources needed to succeed and, in turn, give back to their lives. their communities and the world.

Armenia Children's Fund

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