Chennais Amirta celebrated Holi in style, showcases the spirit with culinary delights from the hospitality industry

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (NewsView) The Chengalpattu campus of ChennaisAmirta International Institution of Hotel Management (CAIIHM) – the most reputable hotel management institution in South India, celebrated Holi in style, mixing the festival of colors with the spirit of culinary delights. Students and staff from each department unleash their creativity with innovative projects, displaying the uniqueness of their specialization. Holi celebrations on campus with approximately 1,000 students featured a prayer for world peace and unity, cultural events and, of course, throws and splashes of color, without which Holi is not complete. However, what has made Holi at ChennaisAmirta, Best Hospitality Management College, unique is the participation of each of its departments in a way that exemplifies students’ skills in all areas of hospitality including food production, food and beverage, and housekeeping. Students and staff from the food production team prepared different varieties of food from rice and legumes, while those from the sculpture department made artistic sculptures out of vegetables, fruits and dry ice . The focus of all eyes was the glass pyramid with bright food colorings and serums with dry ice smoke, made by the students of the service department. The bakery department’s display of different varieties of pizzas and colorful subs added the right mix of flavors and scents, an essential feature of any culinary campus. Speaking about the festival, Mr. R. BoomeeNaathan, President of the ChennaisAmirta International Institute of Hotel Management, said, “Holi is an ancient Hindu festival, but it is an inclusive festival which is also known as the festival of spring, colors and love. . Our campus welcomes students from all over India. Therefore, we make sure not to miss any festival and tradition that celebrates the goodwill and culture of the country. Celebrating festivals like Holi also gives us the opportunity to make our students understand the importance of food and hospitality in our culture, traditions and society. As part of the Holi celebrations, Chinese lantern blowing, water balloons, Holi speeches, cultural events like ballet dancing and pot-breaking games were held. ChennaisAmirta offers various degrees, UG and PG courses in hotel management, catering and hotel administration, has branches in three metropolitan cities – Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Holi was celebrated on all campuses in these three cities. Image 1: CAIIHM Chengalpattu campus celebrated Holi in style, blending the festival of colors with the spirit of culinary delights Image 2: CAIIHM Chengalpattu campus celebrated Holi in style, blending the festival of colors with the spirit of PWR culinary delights PWR

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