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William “Billy” Evans, 27, is the successor to the Evans Hotels Group, based in California, USA. Billy Evans’ grandparents, Anne and William D. Evans, founded Evans Hotels in 1953 and currently manages three properties in the San Diego area. He grew up in the San Diego California area, the youngest of three children born to Susan and William L. Evans.

Evans received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2015. According to his LinkedIn, Evans spent his summers working at several financial and consulting firms in California. At MIT, he worked as a student brand manager for Red bull.

Billy Evans Career

Former California Governor Billy Evans is a well-known American businessman who succeeded his father in a property management company in the state of California. Mrs. Billy Evans is married to Elizabeth Holmes, a well-known American businesswoman and former biotech entrepreneur who worked in the biotech industry for many years.

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William D. Evans, Billy Evans’ grandfather and Anne Evans’ grandparents formed Evans Hotels in 1953, and Billy Evans is the current successor to the three hotel management organizations founded by William D. Evans.

Bill Evans Hotels, the company is headquartered in California, where the headquarters of the Billy Evans Hotels organization is located. Billy Evans had worked for a number of banking and consulting organizations in California before becoming heir to a property management company in his family.

Billy Evans Family

Evans majored in economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he received a bachelor’s degree in 2015. During the summers between semesters, Evans worked at various financial and consulting organizations in California, according to his LinkedIn profile. He worked as a student brand manager for Red Bull while at MIT.

For several generations, the Evans family has been part of the San Diego community. Billy Evans’ grandparents, Anne and William D. Evans, who were also his paternal great-grandparents, founded Evans Hotels in 1953. The company operates three properties in the San Diego area. Susan is her mother’s name. His father’s name was WL Evans. Names and first names of unknown brothers and sisters, as well as names and first names of unknown sisters.

Billy Evans Married Life

Mr. Evans is the husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Holmes, a well-known former biotech entrepreneur in the United States. Billy Evans and Elizabeth Holmes met at a party in 2017 and were last seen together in August 2018 at Burning Man, where they were pictured holding hands. In mid-2019, a private ceremony was held to mark the engagement of Billy Evans and Elizabeth Holmes. According to multiple media sources, Billy Evans and Elizabeth Holmes are the parents of a son named William Holmes Evans who was born on July 10, 2021.

Billy Evans Age and Birthday

Billy Evans will be 28 in 2020, according to current estimates. Evans grew up in the Californian city of San Diego. His parents, Susan and William L. Evans have three children, the youngest of whom is him. There are no known details about Billy Evans’ date of birth as he prefers to keep his personal affairs out of public view, making it difficult to determine his actual age.

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As new information becomes available, it will be added to this section. His wife, Elizabeth Holmes, was born on February 3, 1984 in Washington, DC, United States, while he was born on February 3, 1984 in England. In 2020, Holmes will be 36 years old.

Billy Evans Height and Weight

Taking his shots against his surroundings, Billy Evans appears to be a man of considerable stature, at least by Hollywood standards. Details of his actual height and other physical measurements, however, are no longer available to the general public. We are keeping an eye on things and will update this page as soon as new information becomes available. While his wife, Elizabeth Holmes, is 1.69 meters (5ft 6in) tall and weighs 65kg, he is only 1.69m (5ft 6in).

Wife of Billy Evans – Family and Bride

Billy Evans is married to Elizabeth Holmes. Holmes married William “Billy” Evans, the 27-year-old heir to the Evans Hotel Group, in 2019. Elizabeth Holmes and her husband Evans wed in a private ceremony in mid-2019. Billy Evans and his wife Holmes live in San Francisco. In Houston, Elizabeth Holmes attended St. John’s School. Holmes was interested in computer programming throughout high school, and she claims to have founded her first business selling C++ compilers to Chinese institutions.

Holmes was romantically involved with Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, a Pakistani-born Hindu who immigrated to India and later to the United States. Holmes met him in 2002, while still in high school; he was 19 years her senior and married to another woman at the time. Balwani divorced his wife in 2002 and began dating Holmes in 2003, around the time Holmes dropped out of college, and the couple moved into an apartment around 2005. Although Balwani only officially joined the company as chief operating officer in 2009, he had advised Holmes behind the scenes before that.

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Holmes and her ex-husband Balwani co-managed the company in a culture of “secrecy and fear”. In the aftermath of the investigations, he left Theranos in 2016. The reasons surrounding Balwani’s departure are unclear; Holmes claims she fired him, but her ex-husband Balwani claims he left on his own.

Billy Evans net worth

American businessman Billy Evans is married to Elizabeth Holmes and has a net worth of $10 million. Everything you ever wanted to know about Billy Evans’ family life and profession can be found here.


William “Billy” Evans, 27, is the successor to the Evans Hotels Group, based in California, USA. Evans was working as a special projects manager at Luminar Technologies at the time he started dating Holmes, according to his LinkedIn page. Actor. According to the New York Post, their connection made co-workers uncomfortable because Holmes always walked in and the pair ended up conversing with the boss. Later, Luminar Technologies disputed the allegations.

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