Ankit Tiwari: Delhi’s so-called five-star hotel turned my night into a nightmare

Sleepless night, worried woman, crying toddler, endless wait for food, empty stomach – this is how singer Ankit Tiwari describes his recent visit to Delhi and blames the hotel for turning an overnight stay into a nightmare.

In fact, he even filed an FIR against the hotel, The Royal Plaza Hotel, for mistreating guests. While he withdrew his complaint after the hotel apologized, the singer took to social media to put the incident in the spotlight. He tweeted a video sharing a glimpse of the treatment they received.

Speaking to us about the incident, Tiwari shares, “We (his family with team family and some friends) were coming back from Rishikesh and decided to stay in Delhi just for one night and then continue our road trip. booked Royal Plaza which was labeled as a five star Aur woh hi rest humpe bhari pad gaya”.

Tiwari calls it a “horrifying experience in a pathetic place with bad people who only knew how to mistreat guests.” “I will never stay at this hotel and I will ask my friends to avoid this place at all costs,” he reveals.

He continues: “When they realized that I was a public figure, they apologized to me and asked to take over the FIR, which I did. I accepted their apologies, but I wanted to talk about it. That doesn’t take away from the horrible experience we all had, the night my child slept on an empty stomach, my wife dozing off while waiting to eat. They asked me to take the video down, which I won’t.”

Guests fighting in the lobby for water were the first thing he saw after entering the hotel. “But we ignored it as a one-off incident. It took us 45 minutes to get our room keys. As we were tired we headed to our room and just wanted to eat something.

His ordeal began when he arrived in his room and tried to order. “They weren’t taking calls, playing the blame game. We went down to order food. They wouldn’t even let us order food from outside. When we complained about the service, the manager on duty started talking rudely and abusing us. There were 25 guests fighting the same battle. But they had no compassion, just arrogance. When we asked for our money they just disappeared. There was no one to respond to our complaints. In fact, the manager on duty called security outside to deal with us and the crow situation in the lobby. We felt like hostages”.

Tiwari reveals that his three-year-old daughter slept on an empty stomach, as he received his food at 5 a.m. while ordering at 9 p.m. “And that too just because they realized that I am a public figure. I wonder how they treat everyone, ”says the Galliyan hitmaker.

According to the singer, hotel staff even called bouncers to bully them, laughing as they shared their troubles. “They charge money like a five star but the service is so poor. What all the guests experienced was just plain unfair. And they must rectify their habits, otherwise their license should be revoked”, concludes Tiwari with a touch of disappointment.

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