69% of M.Tech seats remain vacant as interest dwindles

PUNE colleges in the state are seeing a significantly reduced response to admission into postgraduate engineering courses.

After the completion of all admission rounds of the Common Admissions Process (CAP) in professional courses, many places, even in reputable colleges and in the most sought-after branches, were vacant.

The Master of Technology (M.Tech) course had the highest number of vacancies, 69.41% in the 2021-22 academic year.

While the Master of Computer Application (MCA) course received a good response this year. It has the lowest seat vacancy rate at 2.42%.

The state Common Entrance Test (CET) cell held the entrance exam last year for various vocational courses and now details of vacancies have been declared by the CET cell on Sunday.

According to information provided by the state CET cell, for the M.Tech course, a total of 13,095 places were available, of which only 4,006 places were admitted and the remaining 9,089 places remained vacant. This is the highest vacancy percentage ever recorded for any of the vocational courses so far in the state. This is followed by the Bachelor of Hospitality Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT) course with a vacancy rate of 53.51%.

The decline in interest in graduate studies in engineering is constant. Fewer job opportunities after graduation, low pay are some of the reasons fewer students are opting for an engineering major, experts have said.

However, the Master of Computer Application (MCA) course received a good response for this academic year with a vacancy rate of 2.42%. For the MCA course this year, a total of 8,714 places were available, of which 8,503 places were admitted and only 211 places remained vacant.

Speaking on Admissions, Maharashtra State CET Cell Chairman Ravindra Jagtap said, “Due to the pandemic, the overall admissions process was conducted with care and taking care of all Covid protocols. According to the current data statistics, the M.tech course has the highest vacancy rate of 69.41% and the lowest vacancy rate is for the MCA course with 2.42%.

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