4 San Diego area restaurants earn Michelin stars


SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CA – The 2021 California Michelin Guide was released on Tuesday, with one to three stars awarded to 90 restaurants it considered to be the best in the state.

Four San Diego County restaurants were on the list.

Addison at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar was the only restaurant in the San Diego area to reiterate its appearance on the list. The restaurant has received two stars in the annual restaurant guide of the French tire company.

Young and beautiful in Carlsbad, Soichi Sushi at University Heights and Sushi Tadokoro in the old town, each received a star.

Michelin stars are considered the best culinary award for restaurants around the world, introduced almost a century ago. The original guide, without the stars, has been published since 1900.

A three-star classification is reserved for restaurants with “exceptional cuisine that deserves a special trip”. Two stars are awarded to restaurants which have “excellent cuisine worth a visit”. A single star offers “high quality cuisine, which is worth the detour”.

Michelin stars are awarded by undercover culinary experts who dine anonymously at the restaurant on several occasions and then chat with other judges about the awarding of the stars. All judges focus on taste, quality of ingredients and cooking techniques.

While a charming ambience and exceptional service make a restaurant visit more enjoyable, they are not factored into star ratings, according to Food lovers.

The list of treasures is carefully examined. Bloomberg pointed out that Los Angeles gained more restaurants on the list, while San Francisco lost a dozen establishments.

A three-star restaurant, Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley, was destroyed by the glass fire in 2020.

Forbes noted the importance of these stars after restaurants struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic.

“Since the start of the global pandemic, inspectors have been sensitive to every market in the United States and have been in close contact with restaurants to stay informed of openings and closings, new menu changes, etc. on the individual establishment and its situation, ”said Michelin’s anonymous chief inspector of this year’s assessment process.

“The pandemic has impacted all of us as former employees of the hospitality industry, of which we still feel a part. We approached this selection with the firm intention of showing our appreciation. and our gratitude for all the hard work during that time. For most chefs, cooking is an art. If chefs can’t accommodate diners in their restaurants, they find another way to express their creativity. restaurants are always open, and there are new establishments to discover. The landscape is always interesting and dynamic. “

California is the only state to have its own Michelin guide. Last week, Michelin released its Bib Gourmand list of the best affordable restaurants.

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